Little did I know that once my blog cherry popped, I'd experience such anxiety, relief, nervousness, joy and exposure. (It's as if I've spent a week in the life of Charlie Sheen...) In these last 7 (Excedrin filled) days, I've been trapped in a vicious circle of feeling as if I'd gone out into the world nekkid, wondering if anyone would even read the blog, having somebody tell me they've actually liked it,  having my feelings shift over to temporary self-assurance and immediately feeling the enormous pressure of figuring out WTG I'm gonna write next... Yet, the most surprising thing about this process is the unfamiliar feeling of accomplishment it's given me. Not because people have actually liked it (don't get me wrong, that friggin' rocks!) but because I'm finally able to cross off one thing from my personal to-do list and use it to BS myself into thinking this is a pretty cool start to getting life somewhat on track.

I'm convinced it's impossible to have everything in life figured out or under control and people who claim they do are clearly delusional or share the same odds of passing a drug test as Lindsay Lohan... Pop culture low-blow aside, spending every waking day trying to make sense of everything that goes on has led me to a love-hate relationship with life. Why? Cause you gotta love life's twisted sense of irony. After 26 years of trying to figure it out, my hypothesis is ...
life's one sassy bitch™. And every single day it's gonna bite our ass at some point and follow it up with some diva-ish finger snapping and a preachy "Mm-Hmm". It's up to us to try not to lose our cool and apply some type of (real OR fictional) silver lining to make it work.

We're continuously experiencing ups and downs in our lives and we have to keep things in perspective in order to deal with it. When things are bad, the commonly used phrase 'it could be worse' comes into play and I couldn't agree more. I'm not talking about basking in other people's misfortune (unless it happens to be Snooki's), but about appreciating what you have and #WINNING*. Ok, bad example... but bear with me here. Even though Sheen took it to an absurd extreme, in a way, he does have the right attitude because he's making the best of his situation and we can all agree here, it's quite the worst case scenario. (If you think I'm praising him as a role model, you're sooo missing the point.) Now I'm not gonna go all Dr. Phil here, but we ALL have something good in our lives. Seriously. Having $5 in your bank account is better than having $0 (sadly, I've got this phrase on repeat); having 1 person who loves you completely counteracts having 15 people hate you and the fact that you're reading this blog right now a. means you've got internet, b. means you're literate and c. is better than absolutely ANY other thing you could be doing at this particular moment.

Closing thoughts: That's life... Cynical, witty, unprefuckindictable LIFE. Not necessarily evil, just a bit sneaky and exceptionally creative but worth taking the chance. Here's to channeling our inner sass, slapping on some wit and making life our bitch! ;)


  1. i particularly like the hyperlinks to youtube fun. your story is speaking to me. att david

  2. I still love your style of writing ^_^

    I definitely have to agree with you. I'm not entirely sure what I was looking for when I decided to start blogging. But the way I see it, if I keep going long enough - at the risk of sounding cheesy - I might end up discovering new things about myself. Or at the very least, have spent my time online a tad more productively than I would have otherwise.

    I look forward to reading more from you, keep 'em coming =]

  3. Ha, ha! Loved the winning and snooki links!

  4. Thnx for the feedback, guys & gals!! ;) Who would've thought Charlie Sheen would inspire me?!

    @ Erika, I totally agree with you! Oddly enough, it's like a rite of passage... Lol.